Lessons on the Bike Trail June 10, 2016 21:11


Lessons from the Bike Trail

When we unplug, unwind and focus on what matters -- amazing adventures find us.

The CampyKids have been practicing bike jumps on a variety of ramps they build from miscellaneous movable and stackable objects - some offering more stability than others. And most seeming like a precursor for a visit to the emergency room.

It was a beautiful day and we decided to test our skills on Nature's bike ramps (aka some nearby mountain biking trails). As we began our adventure, I had no idea how much I would learn from the CampyKids.

Six Lessons I Learned from the CampyKids on the mountain bike trail:



Sometimes the path is smooth and well-traveled; sometimes you have to navigate stumps, rocks and rickety bridges. They showed me that in either case, I just have to strap on my helmet and pedal hard!


The CampyKids took turns leading our pack. Each selected the trail, pointed out obstacles, encouraged the group and made sure everyone knew how to navigate each challenge. They showed me that leaders communicate, empower, and lead by example.


We were on Nature's turf. The CampyKids quietly stopped each time they saw deer, admired their surroundings, listened for birds and watched for turtles when we were near the river. The only time they went off the trail was to pick-up a piece of litter. They showed me how important it is to be present in the moment so I can recognize (and maintain) the beauty all around me.


Steep hills, drops, narrow bridges, ramps made of tree roots, narrow ledges, hairpin turns, and obstacles around every bend -- these trails were not for the faint of heart. The CampyKids showed me that it is OK to be uncertain, but I should trust in my abilities and pedal on anyway.


So, it turns out the "Advanced Trail" is, well, advanced. Who knew? A few of the hills were a bit too steep to navigate safely on our bikes. The CampyKids helped each other walk their bikes down the steep drop and back up the next climb. When they were done, they helped me. No instructions or guidance necessary -- they just did it. They showed me that it's more fun when you work together so everyone can participate.

It's OK to be "lost"

No trail maps. No compass. No satellite connected GPS. No snacks or long-term provisions… The CampyKids based their trail navigation on, "Let's see what's over there!" They showed me that it's good to have a sense of adventure and the destination is in the moment.

While I likely won't be trying their homemade bike ramps, I cannot wait to get back on the mountain bike trails with the CampyKids!

When we unplug, unwind and focus on what matters -- amazing adventures find us. What CampyAdventures have found you recently?